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Hi, how can we help? So you might be interested in a remote start, amplifier or window tint but still, have questions? No problem! 

Remote Start FAQ | Amplifier FAQ | Window Tint FAQ


How much does it cost to put in a remote start?

  • Prices range depending on the remote start unit and options. Typically most domestic/imports range anywhere from $399.99 - $749.99 installed + tax. Visit our remote start page to learn more. Audi/BMW/Mercedes/Volkswagen is quoted for each unique job by contacting our Remote Start Staff.


What is the best remote car starter?

  • Compustar is the only brand we carry and depend on. The industry's leading remote start and security solutions. Compustar offers best-in-class features, vehicle compatibility, reliability, and customer service to keep you and your vehicle safe and comfortable. Learn more about our Remote Starts and Installations. Ultimately, the best remote car starter is the one that best fits your needs.


Is remote starter bad for your car?

  • Remote starts are not bad for your vehicle. Since 2004, some car manufacturers have had remote starts already pre-installed with factory equipment.


How long does it take to install a remote start?

  • Install times vary due to weather, vehicle make, vehicle model, and remote starter options. Typically, remote starts take 2-4 hours for installation.

Remote Start FAQ


What is an amplifier in a car? 

  • An electronic device that takes a low/weak audio signal and amplifies the audio signal for an overall better sound experience.


Which is best amplifier for car?

  • This is a very loaded question. In reference to technical terms and for simplicity: Class D for subwoofers and Class A/B for full-range speakers.


How do I choose a car speaker amplifier? 

  • Contact Amped Auto & Audio Accessories for expert advice. Stop in at our shop: 6215 34th Avenue N.W., Suite 110, Rochester, MN 55901 Call us at, 507-322-6393. Visit our website.


Do you need an amp for speakers?

  • You do not need an amplifier for speakers. However, it does most certainly help with the overall sound, experience, and performance.

Amplifier FAQ


How much does it cost to tint a car?

  • 4-door SUV/Sedan/Truck is $300 plus tax. The breakdown is $50 per window and $150 for the rear window.


What is the best tint to get for your car?


Is a 5 tint legal?

  • In Minnesota, the legal tint percentage is 50% on sedans, and coupes. 50% front doors on trucks and SUV's. Any tint darkness on the rear windows.


How long does it take to tint a whole car?

  • Install times vary due to weather, vehicle make/model, and glass condition. Typically tint installation takes 2-4 hours. 

Window Tint FAQ
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